My Aerial Acts

Aerial Flying Pole:

Sylvia Louis Aerial Flying Pole 5


Sylvia Louis Aerial Flying Pole 4

A video and description of my new aerial flying pole act is coming soon.


Solo Aerial Silks:




Sylvia during an outdoor performance on the aerial silks.  Photo credit: Aaran Wilson.

Sylvia is a graceful and dynamic aerial silks artist. Her expertise on the silks is evidenced by her ease in execution of tricks and transitions, intricate manipulation of the silks in her choreography and attention to detail. Hanging high above the audience from two long pieces of fabric, she creates beautiful images with her strength and flexibility and performs breathtaking drops and rolls down the fabric. With the silks as her dance partner, Sylvia performs an acrobatic aerial dance filled with emotion that temporarily transports the audience into another world. She is a highly experienced and innovative silks performer and has been exploring and creating on the aerial silks since shortly after the very first silks artist made her debut performance.


Solo Aerial Hoop:



Sylvia performing aerial hoop, also known as lyra. Photo credit: Ross Thaxton.


Sylvia performs a dramatic and passionate act on the aerial hoop. She swings and spins on the hoop, while effortlessly moving through beautiful positions that require strength, balance and flexibility. This is a powerful and moving act that will take your breath away.



Static Trapeze:


Sylvia Louis Trapeze Artist

Sylvia performing single point trapeze in Vancouver, Canada.


As a child, Sylvia was always fascinated with the trapeze and she became enamoured with aerial circus arts the first time she climbed in the air and grabbed hold of the trapeze bar. Whether she is hanging from or spinning around the trapeze bar, or wrapping herself up in the trapeze ropes, Sylvia’s graceful movements, unique combinations, physical strength and body lines all contribute to a trapeze performance filled with passion and elegance.


Sylvia Louis trapeze hang FC show

Sylvia became enamoured with aerial circus arts the first time she climbed on a trapeze.






Sylvia Louis Silk Hammock



Sylvia has created an aerial act that combines a trapeze bar with the silks. It is a beautiful and unique act that highlights acrobatic skill with dance-like choreography and flexibility. The hammock-trapeze is an apparatus Sylvia created, which allows her to combine two aerial disciplines wrapped into one act.





Duo Aerial Silks:


Duo Silks Sylvia and Bella


Together on one silk, Sylvia & Bella perform an aerial ballet, while creating a graceful, breathtaking and magical atmosphere.