Cruise Ships

Sylvia has sailed across the Atlantic Ocean numerous times, the South Pacific and the Baltic, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Black, Aegean and Tasman Seas while performing on board various ships. She performed numerous acts including: solo & duo aerial silks, solo & duo trapeze, solo aerial hoop, duo aerial sphere, Spanish web, solo acrobatic pole, solo hammock-trapeze, adagio/hand to hand, group bungees, dance and acrobatics.


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Sylvia has sailed on various MSC, P&O UK and P&O Australia ships.


pacific jewel in sydney


msc lirica





Many performances took place outdoors, where the wind, heat, humidity or cold temperature was always a challenge! Performing aerial acts during the evenings on the top deck were magical!!


pacific jewel top deck

a view of the top deck on the Pacific Jewel, with the unique performance structure built for our circus shows


partner balance 12m high

Time for an afternoon rehearsal on the top deck structure, where we performed 12 metres above ground on a moving ship!





Performing aerial silks outdoors is always a challenge when the wind blows!






Here is a look at some of my favourite places that I have visited while working on cruise ships:


virgin gorda bvi

The Virgin Gorda, BVI is breathtaking.


Barcelona is one of my favourite cities.



Roman Radiance || Rome Italy

I love most places in Italy. The gelato is amazing 🙂

pisa front balance

Time for partner acro in Pisa!


champagne bay

Champagne Bay, Vanuatu is a gorgeous place.

blue lagoon

The water at the Blue Lagoon is an unbelievably beautiful, deep turquoise colour.

tallinn estonia

Tallinn, Estonia


I have been to Stockholm many times, but each time I am astounded by the beauty in this city.

Nice, France

The French Riviera is magnificent.


Sailing into Istanbul was a stunning and magical experience.


Ajaccio, Corsica is a lovely place to visit.

costa rica

I love Costa Rica and zip lining through the rain forest there was so much fun.



Of course I love Australia